15 Foods to Boost Your Kidney Health Fast

The kidneys are like the body’s filters. They remove extra water and waste. Without them, our bodies couldn’t work properly. They team up with the urinary tract to clean out toxins. Your body needs fuel to function, and the kidneys are really important for keeping everything running smoothly.

To keep your kidneys healthy, it’s important to eat the right foods regularly. These foods help your kidneys work well. If you don’t eat them, you might have problems later. That’s why we made a list of 15 great foods that are good for your kidneys. They’re easy to find and make, so give them a try and your body will thank you!



In order to achieve optimal urinal and kidney health, it’s important to take cabbage into consideration. Even today, it’s not just a healthy addition to your diet. Instead, it has proven to be a worthy natural remedy for many maladies. It doesn’t only treat the stomach and its surroundings, but the entire body. Of course, kidneys are one key component of that body.

Essentially, cabbage lets the kidneys get their repairs and nourishment. Ever since ancient times, a cabbage-filled diet was a must for anyone suffering from kidney problems. To combat any infections and dangerous conditions, cabbage has been inserted in increased doses. It’s the key component in the so-called dialysis diet. You may know it also as the “flushing out” diet. By that, we mean a diet that is tailor-made for detoxification and flushing out toxins. Foods that are in it should be low in potassium. Cabbage fits the bill perfectly.

Along with the usual suspects, cabbage has other valuable micronutrients. Vitamins B6 and C also safeguard the kidneys and ensure picture-perfect health in every situation. Moreover, you can also find remnants of vitamin K within the cabbage’s structure. This micronutrient plays an important role in blood clot prevention. This is why cabbage’s benefits transcend just the urinary system.



Fruit is the ultimate health benefit arsenal. You don’t have to eat it in abundance and it still benefits your organism in unfathomable ways. The best fruit diet is a diet that consists of multiple different types. However, if we had to espouse one type of fruit as an essential one – it would have to be berries. One of the healthiest food on earth exists in numerous varieties, so it’s pretty much impossible not to like them.

Berries are amazing for your kidneys! They’re like superheroes when it comes to kidney health. Packed with antioxidants, they’re one of the best natural remedies. Even a small amount can really help your urinary system. Antioxidants in berries fight off harmful free radicals, keeping your kidneys healthy and strong.

Strawberries, cranberries, raspberries, and blueberries – any type of this is able to improve the overall well-being of your organism. Fiber and folate are also crucial parts of their miraculous influence on the body. Manganese should also be mentioned as a quintessential and paramount component of the berries’ composition. Without it, their influence wouldn’t even be as nearly as strong.



Sometimes, we don’t think much about the nutritional value of the food we eat. We just stick to what we’re used to. Take meat, for example. We often choose meats like veal or pork out of habit, without considering their health benefits. But fish, which is super healthy, often gets overlooked. It’s actually one of the best choices for a healthy diet, even though it’s not as popular as other meats.

Amongst other cerebral and somatic benefits, fish contain large amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. Their benefit list is a mile long, but the most significant one is often disregarded. This is, of course, the anti-inflammation effect omega-3 has on the entire body. This is crucial for kidney health in every sense. Since they are connected to the urinary tract and urethra, infection and inflammation possibilities are pretty high. Therefore, a safeguard is due to keeping the free radicals and bacteria at bay.

People in the Far East rarely have kidney problems because fish is a big part of their diet. Eating lots of fish keeps them healthy and free from many health issues. Even for people with diabetes, eating fish is great. It helps lower abnormal protein levels in urine and prevents insulin resistance, which is important for filtering out waste in the body.

You don’t need to eat tons of fish all the time though. Having fish two or three times a week is perfect. Some good types to focus on are salmon, mackerel, herring, rainbow trout, and tuna. Other kinds are good too, but these ones are especially good for you.


Egg Whites

Kidney diseases often need a lot of protein to be treated effectively. That’s where fish comes in handy for your urinary tract. But why is protein so important for urinary infections? Well, high-quality protein is easier for your body to break down. This means it produces less waste and puts less strain on your kidneys. And guess what’s a great source of high-quality protein that’s also affordable? Eggs!

Specifically, we’re talking about egg whites. They’re one of the best sources of high-quality protein you can find. Throughout history, people have recognized their amazing benefits. Now, we can use them to treat kidney conditions. They can help treat existing issues and even prevent new ones from popping up.

Another important reason why egg whites are great for kidney health is because they have very low phosphorus content. Phosphorus, along with calcium, is crucial for building strong bones and protecting the heart. But if your kidneys aren’t working well, you might have too much phosphorus in your body, which can cause problems. That’s where egg whites come in handy.

And when you’re dealing with any health issue, staying active is really important. The stronger your body is, the better it can fight off any problems. Eggs are a fantastic choice for building strength. Egg whites are packed with essential amino acids and strong proteins. By eating right and exercising regularly, you can help your body get rid of kidney problems. It’s almost a guarantee!


Olive oil

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